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Zhonggang has been engaged in the tungsten carbide tool field for 25 years. We have served over 600 clients to offer them more than 2100 kinds of customized carbide cutting tools. So you can absolutely trust us to be your custom carbide products expert.

Here are reasons why choose Zhonggang.

Experienced Team

In our team, there are many engineers having worked in the carbide tool industry for over 30 years. We are competent in determining the Grade basing on the fields clients want to apply the tools in, making different forming solutions according to features of diversified irregular shaped products, as well as customizing super large tools upon clients' needs.

Comprehensive Equipment

Zhonggang owns 12 sets of equipment with various uses and specifications, including presses, sintering, finishing, and testing equipment, basically meeting clients' different requirements in shapes, tolerance, hardness, and strength.

Efficient Sample Making and Delivery

According to the drawings or products customers have provided, we will make the mold in 15-20 days, and send clients samples in 20-30 days. If molds are available already, clients will generally receive the products after 16 days. But we need 26 days for products require finishing treatment.

Safe Packaging

Zhonggang packs different products in different ways to ensure they are protected from any damages during shipping.

Efficient Sales Service

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or phone. Our sales team will answer you within 24 hours. In case of an emergency, please call Leon: +86-18123958881.

Some of Our Custom Tools