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Custom Carbide Products

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Tungsten carbide material is of high wear resistance, so it is widely applied in making seal rings, wear parts, tie tampers, and gripper inserts for chuck jaw, etc.

  • Seal Ring
  • Tie Tampers/Ballast Tamper
  • Gripper Inserts for Chuck Jaw
  • Scarifier Cutters

1. Seal Ring
Seal rings made from tungsten carbide materials not only show high wear resistance, but also perform well in resisting corrosion and high temperature under some special environment. They are equipped on various machines for playing a role in sealing different gas or liquid medium under prescribed temperature and pressure, no matter the machine is moving or static. Tungsten carbide seal rings are commonly seen in machine tools, ships, automobiles, aerospace equipment, metallurgical, chemical, engineering, construction, mining, petroleum, plastic, and agricultural machineries, as well as various instruments, etc.

2. Tie Tampers/Ballast Tamper
The adoption of tungsten carbide materials on tie tampers or ballast tampers, as well as other railroad maintenance equipment, will help to extend the tools' life and reducing the frequency of replacement.

3. Gripper Inserts for Chuck Jaw
Gripper inserts are widely applied in chuck jaws as wear parts.

4. Scarifier Cutters
Tungsten carbide cutters used for scarifiers or cultivators are popular for their good wear resistance, impact resistance and long life.

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