1. Oil Drill Carbide Button

Oil Drill Carbide Button

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our oil drill carbide buttons are in accordance with GB/T2527-1989 quality standard. They are characterized of high hardness, good bending strength, durability and environmentally friendliness. We can also design custom carbide button according to special requirement.

As a professional oil drill carbide button manufacturer and supplier, Jiangxi Zhonggang Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. Company also provide standard brazing carbide tips, wood cutting tools, carbide punching dies, carbide tubes, carbide rods and mining tools, and more. We are ISO9001 accredited, and our carbide products have been SGS certified. Presently, zhonggang products are exported to Germany, France, Holland, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, British, Pakistan and Malaysia, and many other countries.
Additionally, we offer free samples and OEM service is available upon request.

If you are in need of oil drill carbide buttons, or other products, please do not hesitate to contact us at ZHONGGANG. We are ready to serve you.

Specifications of Oil Drill Carbide Button
grade composition density g/cm3 Hardness HRA TRS (N/mm2) Application
YR30 10%Co-Wc 14.4-14.8 88.0 3000 Suitable for manufacturing tips and buttons for "K" type drills, roller bits and DTH bits in oil producing and mining industry.
NK1 11%Co-Wc 14.2-14.6 87.3 3800
NK2 10%Co-Wc 14.3-14.9 87.5 4000
YG11C 11%Co-Wc 14.0-14.5 87.6 2800
YG15 15%Co-Wc 13.9-14.2 87.5 2500